The Complete Guide to Kayaking in Menorca

Kayaking in Menorca offers an unforgettable adventure. The island, known for its pristine waters, hidden beaches, and stunning coastline, provides the perfect backdrop for a kayaking experience. Here’s everything you need to know for your kayaking trip in Menorca.

Best Kayaking Routes

Cala Galdana

Starting my kayaking adventure at Cala Galdana felt like the perfect choice. The bay’s calm waters gave me the confidence to set out, especially as a beginner. I rented my kayak from a local shop, and they provided all the gear I needed, including a map of the coastline.

Paddling out from the bay in Cala Galdana

Paddling out from the bay, I immediately felt a sense of freedom. The water was so clear that I could see the sea floor beneath me. The cliffs surrounding the bay added a dramatic backdrop, making every stroke feel like I was part of a postcard scene.

My first stop was Cala Mitjana. The beach was only accessible by water, making it a secluded paradise. As I approached, the white sand and turquoise water were breathtaking. I pulled my kayak onto the shore and took a moment to relax and swim. The beach was quiet, with only a few other kayakers around.

Cala Mitjana - Beach in south side of the island

After enjoying Cala Mitjana, I headed towards Cala Macarella. The paddle along the coast was stunning. The cliffs were dotted with caves, some large enough to paddle into. Exploring these caves felt like discovering hidden treasures. Cala Macarella, like Cala Mitjana, was a secluded gem. The beach was pristine, and the water was perfect for snorkeling. I spent hours here, exploring the underwater world and soaking up the sun on the beach.

Hidden Gem - Beach Cala Macarelleta

Kayaking back to Cala Galdana as the sun started to set was magical. The sky turned shades of orange and pink, reflecting on the water. The whole experience felt surreal, like I had stepped into a dream.

Es Grau

My next adventure took me to Es Grau, a charming seaside village known for its unique kayaking opportunities. The village itself was quaint, with narrow streets and traditional Menorcan houses. I rented my kayak from a local outfit that offered guided tours, but I opted to explore on my own.

Paddling out from Es Grau

Paddling out from Es Grau, I headed towards the Albufera des Grau Natural Park. The shallow waters made it easy to see fish and other marine life beneath my kayak. The tranquility of the area was incredible, with only the sounds of nature surrounding me.

One of the highlights was kayaking to Illa d’en Colom, a small island off the coast. The journey there was peaceful, and the island’s pristine beaches were worth the trip. I pulled my kayak onto the shore and explored the island on foot. The beaches were untouched, and I felt like I had discovered a secret paradise.

A beautiful view during a walk on Illa d’en Colom

On my way back to Es Grau, I took my time, enjoying the scenery and the abundant wildlife. The natural park is home to many bird species, and I spotted several along the way. The experience was both relaxing and invigorating, offering a perfect balance of adventure and tranquility.

The Southern Coast

Binibeca Menorca - Cliffs

For my final kayaking route, I chose the southern coast of Menorca, starting from Binibeca. This route promised stunning cliffs and hidden coves, and it did not disappoint. Binibeca itself was charming, with whitewashed houses and narrow streets. After picking up my kayak, I set out towards Cala en Porter.

The paddle along the southern coast was nothing short of spectacular. The cliffs were high and rugged, providing a dramatic landscape. The water was crystal clear, and I could see the underwater rock formations as I paddled along. I discovered several hidden coves, each more beautiful than the last.

One of the most memorable stops was at Cales Coves. This place is famous for its prehistoric caves carved into the cliffs. I paddled into the cove, and the sight of these ancient caves was awe-inspiring. I pulled my kayak onto a small beach and took some time to explore the caves on foot. The sense of history here was palpable, and it felt incredible to be in a place that has been significant for so many centuries.

A cliffs at the beach Cales Coves

Continuing my journey towards Cala en Porter, I encountered more secret caves and stunning coastal views. The cliffs provided some shade, making the paddle comfortable even in the midday sun. Cala en Porter itself was a beautiful destination, with a sandy beach and calm waters perfect for a final swim before heading back.

Cala'n Porter Menorca

The southern coast route was the most challenging but also the most rewarding. The combination of natural beauty, historical significance, and the thrill of exploration made it an unforgettable kayaking experience.

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How to Choose the Right Kayak?

How to choose right kayak

Picking the right kayak made a big difference in my trips to Menorca. The waters can be calm in some spots and rough in others, so I had to choose wisely. For calm waters and short paddles, a recreational kayak worked best. It was stable and easy to handle, which was great when I was just starting out.

I remember my first few trips with a recreational kayak. Renting one was easy since most shops around the island had plenty of options. I chose a single kayak, which felt light and easy to paddle. It was perfect for exploring the nearby beaches and coves without much effort. I loved how I could just drift and enjoy the view, knowing my kayak was stable and safe.

But when I wanted to go on longer trips or explore rougher waters, I needed a sea kayak. These are built to handle waves and longer distances. The first time I used a sea kayak, I noticed the difference right away. It was more streamlined and cut through the water smoothly. I felt more confident paddling through choppier waters, and it opened up more areas of the island for me to explore.

Local rental shops had a variety of sea kayaks, both single and tandem. I usually went with a single-sea kayak for solo trips, but the tandem option was great when I went out with a friend. Having the right kayak for each trip made my kayaking experiences in Menorca safe and enjoyable.

Essential Gear

Having the right gear was just as important as choosing the right kayak. Safety always came first, so I never went out without a life jacket. Even on the calmest days, wearing a life jacket gave me peace of mind.

Sun protection was also crucial. Menorca’s sun can be intense, so I always used sunscreen, wore a hat, and brought sunglasses. I learned the hard way after getting a bad sunburn on my first trip. Hydration is key, too. I always carried plenty of water to stay hydrated, especially on longer trips.

A dry bag became one of my best investments. It kept my phone, camera, and snacks dry and safe. I never worried about splashes or tipping over with everything secure in the dry bag. I also packed a map or GPS device. Navigating the coastline could be tricky, and these tools helped me stay on course.

One of the most memorable trips I got was from a local who told me to always bring more water and snacks than I thought I’d need. There were times when I lost track of time, mesmerized by the beauty around me, and having extra supplies made those extended trips comfortable.

These essentials made every kayaking trip smooth and enjoyable. Being prepared allowed me to focus on the adventure and the stunning views Menorca had to offer.

Guided Tours


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When I wanted a more structured adventure, guided kayaking tours were the way to go. Menorca has several local companies offering these tours, making it easy to explore with an expert. I tried tours with both Menorca en Kayak and Let’s Go Menorca. They provided all the equipment and had guides who knew a lot about the island’s history and nature.

The guides were friendly and shared fascinating stories about Menorca. On one tour, our guide talked about the ancient civilizations that once inhabited the island while we paddled past cliffs and caves. It added a whole new layer of appreciation to the trip. They also pointed out wildlife and explained the importance of the marine reserves.

Tours ranged from short, two-hour paddles to full-day adventures. I even went on a multi-day expedition once. It was intense but incredibly rewarding. We camped on secluded beaches and kayaked along some of the most beautiful stretches of coastline I’ve ever seen. The guides made sure we were safe and comfortable the whole time.

If you’re new to kayaking or just want to learn more about Menorca, a guided tour is a fantastic option. The knowledge and expertise of the guides make the experience enriching and stress-free.

Wildlife Encounters

Wildlife during snorkeling in Menorca

One of the highlights of kayaking in Menorca was the incredible wildlife. The waters around the island are full of life. I remember the first time I saw dolphins while kayaking near Es Grau. They swam alongside my kayak for a few minutes, and it was an unforgettable experience.

Fish and seabirds are everywhere. I often saw fish swimming just below the surface as I paddled, and seabirds like gulls and cormorants were a common sight. They would dive into the water to catch fish, sometimes right next to my kayak.

Menorca’s marine reserves are fantastic spots for wildlife encounters. The reserve near Es Grau, in particular, protects a diverse ecosystem. Snorkeling gear was a great addition to my trips. During breaks from kayaking, I would dive into the clear water and explore the underwater world. Colorful fish, sea urchins, and even octopuses were just a few of the amazing creatures I encountered.

Kayaking allowed me to get close to nature in a way that’s hard to beat. The combination of peaceful paddling and unexpected wildlife sightings made each trip special.

Camping and Kayaking

Cala Pregonda - Menorca

For a real adventure, I combined kayaking with camping. Menorca’s coastline has several spots perfect for wild camping, offering a unique way to experience the island. Cala Pregonda and Cala Pilar were two of my favorite camping spots, both accessible only by kayak.

Packing for these trips required some planning. I brought lightweight camping gear, plenty of food, and lots of water. A good dry bag kept my camping supplies dry, even if my kayak got splashed. The key was to pack light but bring everything I needed for a couple of days.

Camping on secluded beaches was an incredible experience. I set up my tent right by the water, cooked meals on a portable stove, and enjoyed the solitude. The stars at night were breathtaking, with no city lights to dim the view. It felt like I had the entire island to myself.

I always made sure to follow local regulations and leave no trace. Respecting the environment meant I could enjoy the natural beauty without harming it. I packed out all my trash and left the camping spots as pristine as I found them.

Combining kayaking with camping let me explore more remote parts of Menorca and experience the island in a truly immersive way. It was the ultimate way to connect with nature and enjoy the stunning coastline.

Final Thoughts

Kayaking in Menorca offers an incredible way to explore the island’s stunning coastline and hidden gems. With calm bays and rugged cliffs, each route provides unique experiences. Choosing the right kayak and gear ensures a safe adventure, while guided tours add valuable insights.

Wildlife encounters, from dolphins to seabirds, add magic to every trip. Combining kayaking with camping opens up remote areas for a deeper connection with nature. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced paddler, Menorca’s natural beauty and rich history make every kayaking journey unforgettable. Enjoy the adventure and respect the pristine environment for future explorers.